Pagelines 2.2 WordPress Theme Framework

Pagelines 2.2 Framework Review

Pagelines framework 2.2 is the latest version  of Pagelines WordPress Framework, which is introduced with inclusion of advanced features any many core changes. With the latest improvement in Pagelines 2.2 Framework, it is running even faster than previous version. Latest changes are great news for programmer as dealing with CSS has got easier, and if you are not a programmer and don’t know coding then don’t worry.

Pagelines 2.2 Framework for WordPress

Latest Changes in New Pagelines Framework 2.2  ->

  • First Framework in the market with Bootstrap, especially help you run you site faster and smoothly. Thus it allows blogger and designers to concentrate more on content and other settings which is most important.
  •  Less CSS to make whole coding task easy and faster, Pagelines is the first framework developed with this standard. This is backend task so it won’t ask you to have CSS coding knowledge, if you don’t know coding just use drag & drop features.
  • NavBar Sections is a good addition which gives you choice to select Fixed navigation bar which wills stay at the top of the screen even when you scroll down or you can select Standard Navigation which is implemented into the page and moves as you scroll down.
  • Masthead and Hero Sections does the same job but provides different look. They can be used to highlight new post or article, special offer, latest news etc. Usability of these section depends on the site but it will surely hit your visitors attention to your featured content.
  • Page By Page By Post Control adds pagination to blogs with built in pages. It generates multiple paged posts by breaking the long posts which generates more page views. More pageviews means more revenue for advertising based sites.
  • News Shortcode Library is implemented  with addition of buttons, modals, alerts, and lot more.


Pagelines Framework 2.2 Video Overview :

Further they have introduced PageLines Plus Membership to provide you prompt support with live chat just from your dashboard. You also get to access all plugins, other sections and future updates as well. Once you get PageLines Plus subscription then you will get all future updates and benefits without paying any extra fees

The latest drag and drop framework design helps novice or advanced users to create new website latest development standard and requirements. Drag & Drop is popular and most useful feature of pagelines Framework, that’s what it’s famous for. it is highly SEO optimized to rank you well with search engines and social media is also integrated for better exposure and discussion with visitors. Other elements included with framework are works with multisite, 30+ drag and drop areas, 200+ designs and layout choices to suit your needs, inclusion of Vanilla Forums and MediaWiki with 30 days money back policy incase if you are not satisfied, so it’s a great deal.

Conclusion : Pagelines 2.2 Framework functions same as 2.0 version but it is compiled with some extra features. If you are already using this framework then you can update it for free. Main changes of the latest version is NavBar which offers unique experience to your visitors through improved navigation, allows you freedom to display desired site sections.

Price Details :
Buy Professional Edition: $97
Buy Developer Edition: $197

Demo | Download Pagelines Framework 2.2

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